On this page you will find testimonies of people that have been touched by Charis Bible Studies. These testimonies are from Group Leaders, Attendees and others whose lives have been changed by a Charis Bible Study.

  • Eric H Date: 01/19/2018

    I want to thank you for the Bible study, it changed my life. I've been praying for healing for people about once a week and I'm starting to get quite a lit of results.

    The latest is my wife's cousin, she is a hair dresser who had a torn labrum. I don't know what a labrum is but she said the Dr. told her it was torn and she needed to get an MRI before they could schedule surgery. He told her he had been doing this for 20 years it was definitely torn and the MRI was just to appease the insurance company. After she told me this story I prayed with her, and my son and daughter helped me. I said what was in my opinion the most lame prayer ever. It was about 10 seconds long and sounded like I had never prayed out loud before. So then I promptly left feeling like I screwed up. Then the Lord reminded me it's not your prayer that heals her, it's me. I was rocked, I started praising God.

    Five days later she got the results from her MRI. Not surgery needed. God is so awesome.

    Thank you again Jim for being an amazing man of God and helping me learn more about the goodness of God.

  • William Hampton Date: 10/12/2020

    In January of 2019 I was teaching the Charis Bible Study God Wants You Well. At this time, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a large tumor growing out of my back and was advised by the doctors to have it removed. The surgery was scheduled, and we were expecting a 2.5 hr. surgery, but it ended up taking 6.5 hrs. The doctors said this was due to the tumor being bigger than the scans showed and more lymph nodes that needed removed than scans showed.
    Three weeks after surgery I returned for a follow up and was talked into treatment. I never had a peaceful feeling about the treatment but went ahead with it anyway. The treatment was to prevent any return of cancer. The treatment was for 30 minutes every 2 weeks. After the third treatment I started to have side effects which were extremely negative. Also, I started to have a growth return on my back.
    During this time, I was taking a shower one morning when God spoke to me and said, You know those doctors only have a 50% success ratio? I answered, I know that. He then said, You know I have a 100% success ratio. and I answered, I know that too. This was when I made the decision to drop out of treatment. Within a few days I was back at the hospital to have the growth on my back biopsied. The results came back, the report was very negative. Very aggressive, fast growing, stage 4 cancer, and there is nothing that can be done.
    This is where the benefit of spending 2 years at Charis Bible College kicked in. A few weeks before I had been listening to Andrew's teaching from the Christian Survival Kit and the 1st thing that came to mind was John 14:1. The Holy Spirit just said, 'Don't panic. Our next response was, We know someone who can help. On the way out of the door my wife left them with this message, We will be back with a great testimony. We then left the hospital, turned KLOV on the radio and sang praise songs the entire way home.
    The next week we moved from teaching God Wants You Well to The Believer's Authority. What great timing from the Lord to put on our hearts to do these 2 Bible studies at this time.
    Jesus did the healing, but there were a few things I had been taught at Charis and more revelation given me in the Charis Bible Studies. I never took ownership of cancer. It was not mine, I never called it my cancer. I believe in the finished work of the cross and believed that Jesus already had healed me. I never spoke words that gave the enemy power, no matter how I felt I spoke healing and believed healing. I spoke scriptures that had to do with healing over myself 3 times every day. This helped build faith and really put it in my heart. Within a few weeks the tumor started to get smaller, and smaller until it was gone. My wife and I made up our minds that we were going to saturate ourselves in The Word of God!
    I received some great words from God at this time. One is that this would be used against Satan to help other people, another was that we were to sell our business and go back to Charis for a 3rd year and that I was to take the ministry track. I had a dream one night of these little things that reminded me of the old Pacman game. They were just running through my body munching away at what was ever in their way. On the back of each was HGM. I asked God what those were and He said they were HOLY Ghost Meds and they were eating the cancer.
    It has been an amazing journey. How great it was to have been teaching God Wants You Well and The Believer's Authority during this time. What Jesus did for me He will definitely do for you.
    The last thing I want to mention is how important it was that my wife and I were on the same page. We both knew what to do and we did it. What a blessing she is! I remember days when she was cleaning the wound and laughing at it. I also want to say how important it has been to sit under the Word for 2 years at Charis and how grateful we are to Andrew and all the great teachers we had for those 2 years. THANK YOU JESUS!!

  • Nyanzi Vincent Date: 04/12/2021

    I am Nyanzi Vincent and am a male Ugandan aged 21 years. I am here to testify about the DE 48 lessons.

    Before I joined DE 48 lessons, I desired to know God and even made it a prayer request. I was a kind of person who used to think,
    1. God loves us basing on how we perform
    2. God is the author of all things (good and bad things) in life.
    3. I used to think that God is still an angry God.
    4. I used to think that every time I sin I lose right standing and need to be born again, again.

    I used to think that each and everything I knew about God was true. But guess what, Discipleship evangelism revealed to me much and proved me the other way.

    To cut the story short, the Lord connected me to teacher Maria Elena Carpenter whom she used and introduced me to Discipleship Evangelism class.

    However, Discipleship Evangelism has helped me to know who God really is, what he has really done and what he is not.

    It has revealed to me the purpose of salvation which is to have a personal relationship with God,

    By the way, my speaking in tongues became effective through Discipleship Evangelism under (level 1, lessons 14,15 & 16) I was a kind of person who used to fear speaking in tongues. Whenever I used to try it out, a thought came in my mind that you were speaking ugly something like that, but I realised later in these lessons that it was the devil who said so. Ever since then, lessons 14,15 &16 of level one helped me to be effective in speaking in tongues till now.

    By the way it was through Discipleship Evangelism that I came to fully realise that Satan has no power, at first like many people, I used to think Satan is so great in power , but guess what, lesson 6 of level 2 revealed to me the weakness of Satan and reminded me the authority we have as believers in Christ.

    There's a lot to talk about what DE 48 has done in my life. All in all, I am proud to say that am now a mature Christian who knows who God is and what He isn't.
    I am now able to share these truth with others . DE washes away the blindness of false doctrines. Am now able to even write revelations from the holy Spirit, etc etc. There's a lot to say but all in all,

    I thank God for Charis Bible studies. I thank my teacher, Maria Elena Carpenter for the great work she's done.

    Nyanzi Vincent

  • Pastor Sandy Kennedy Date: 04/16/2021

    Dear Charis Bible Studies:

    I am currently leading a “The New You and Holy Spirit” class through Charis Bible Studies by Zoom. Only have two classes left. I was totally surprised by the response of the attendees.

    I am from Kansas and of course the study location indicates that. I figured I might have some people sign up from the Kansas area and that would be it. To my surprise a married couple from the Philippines, two people from Georgia, one from New Jersey, one from North Carolina, two from Arizona, one from New York, one from eastern Kansas (who is from Africa), and seven from my town. The two from Georgia: one is from China (Charis grad) and the other from Taiwan. Of the seven from my town, two are from another church and five from my church.

    What a wonderful group it has been! It has been an awesome experience for me and for the group. What a blessing to share with people spanning from the East coast to the Philippines.

    We have had the gifts flow. One person filled with the Holy Spirit. Others releasing their prayer language for the first time or not since being baptized in the Holy Spirit initially. They have shared testimonies, prayer requests, challenges, and we have become friends. The Philippine precious couple desire to attend Charis and are believing God for the finances and the how to. They are so hungry for teaching and have a desire to minister. God has touched all the lives in this group in many ways.

    I just wanted you to know what an impact Charis Bible Studies is having. Thank you for your faithfulness to this program.


    Sandy Kennedy
    Charis Bible Studies Leader

  • Maria Elena Carpenter Date: 04/23/2021

    On Easter Day 2020 I was sitting in the living room with my husband when God spoke to my heart about starting a Charis Bible Study. I didn't feel I was ready but how could I tell God 'No'? I said, Ok, but when? He said, Today. Who do I invite? God brought four people to my mind. I reached out to all four and all four accepted. So we began that very day. As a 2nd year Charis Bible College graduate I reached out to the Charis Bible Studies coordinator and explained what God had urged me to do. Soonafter, I became an official leader and created my very first online Zoom bible study. Since then, I am witnessing Believers in Singapore, Spain, Uganda, Nigeria, Canada, as well as all over the U.S. be transformed by the anointed Word of God through Andrew's teachings. Week after week my participants are transforming right before my eyes. God is faithful! Each week we begin our Zoom one-hour before our scheduled study time to enjoy 30-minutes of fellowship time and 30-minutes of worship before the actual study begins. We also periodically share in Communion together via Zoom. These studies have been an incredible time of growth for us all. ~Maria Elena Carpenter

  • Heidi Bellerue Date: 05/03/2021

    I wanted to pass on a testimony from our Healing University online bible study.
    Last night we watched Section 1 Lesson 7 The Healing Ministry of Jesus by Greg Mohr.

    At the end of the teaching, Greg called out several illnesses, one of them was ringing in the ears.

    During our discussion after the video, one of the attendees, Terry, said that for years, she had had ringing in the ears that was actually more like sirens than ringing.
    When Greg called out ringing in the ears, the sirens in her ears completely stopped!

    I am just amazed every time we meet at how God is speaking to people and they are growing in this foundation of healing.

  • Brian Leatherwood Date: 01/20/2021

    It’s definitely been a journey in bible studies. We are on our 5th CBS right now working towards a church plant. 😊

    Making the commitment to open your lives and home to others can always be a testament of faith and venerability. You’re not sure what it all may look like but you trust God is working through you to help impact people’s lives right where they need it. Just step out by faith! It’s what Andrew is all about, discipleship.

    We have seen the love of God break through walls of hurt and misunderstandings in many ways, which has ultimately brought them from strongholds to victory in Jesus. One of my fav verses is Eph 3:19 AMP for our groups.

    We have had a few inspired to start their own study after experiencing how God has and will equip the available and willing for Him. It’s really amazing to be in God’s grace.

    Again, it’s trusting God even if one shows up for the win. He will send the people and grow the house.

  • John Huebner Date: 01/20/2021

    God has been good to me since I was born again and spirit filled in 1975. My wife and I have seen many signs, miracles and wonders these past 45 years. So, I will try to be brief.

    I made a decision to attend Charis Bible College Minneapolis at age 59. I had accomplished every goal I had in my life. I needed a new goal. I decided to attend CBC part time over 4 years, and after I retire from work, I would go into ministry. I had planned to work another 5 years after graduating from CBC. But less than a year after graduation, I had a stroke. My wife asked everyone at the ER to give us a few minutes alone. She prayed over me. After that, I was wheeled to have MRI and CT scans done. Later the neurologist came in with the results. He showed the images showing damage of the brain. He then said I had the stroke 10 days ago. I said, no doc, it was 30 minutes ago.

    I did not understand what happened till the next morning when I was reading in Mark.

    Mark 7:25-30 (KJV)
    25 For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet:
    26 The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation; and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.
    27 But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.
    28 And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs.
    29 And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.
    30 And when she was come to her house, she found the devil gone out, and her daughter laid upon the bed.

    It was then I remember a teaching I heard many years ago about different kinds of healings. The healing in Mark is called a “cure”, which is a healing where the root cause of the illness is removed. The root cause, the devil, was removed, and the daughter recovered. It was then I realized the root cause of the stroke was removed. The doctors performed many more tests, trying to find what caused the stroke. They will never be able to find it. The best they can say it happened 10 days ago.

    I ended up retiring earlier than planned. My health is improving. Now I spend a good portion of every day reading scripture, listening to Andrew on Gospel Truth using Roku, studying the word, and putting together teachings on what I learned. I am able to continue the habits I started while attending CBC.

    One of the things I’m thankful for is alumni can listen to new CBC classes, that was added after graduation.

    My wife and my calling is to run bible studies at our home and the home of others. We have been doing Charis Bible Studies for 3 years. We are currently running Healing University as a group. If anyone at Charis is thinking about CBS, I strongly recommend them to look at the website, and meet with someone in your area who is running CBS. That is what I did and got some invaluable advice.

    For 5 years we ran bible studies at an assistant living home. I always thank the people attending for allowing us to share the Word of God in their home. That is our mission.

  • Alfonso Archuleta Date: 05/18/2021

    My name is Alfonso Archuleta and I am participating in a Bible study, Spirit, Soul, and Body, that is taking me out of the pit of despair and that Andrew has deemed foundational to most if not all of his vast writings. I am 60 years old and have struggled with doubting my salvation for decades due to the trauma and abuse that I endured as a child and the echos from the past which turned into bitterness and unforgiveness for my abusers. Andrew's teaching on Spirit, Soul, and Body uncovered the veil from my mind and heart so that I now clearly see and understand God's Word as it was intended to be understood. It is helping me to repent of bitterness and unforgiveness and be healed in Jesus name!

    All of the previous Bible studies, teachings, teachers, evangelists, preachers, and pastors left out vital information or added confusing explanations that clouded my mind and heart as to God's true intentions so that I continued to question and doubt the Bible's veracity and my salvation in Christ! I have wasted over 55 years on false teaching that Andrew's book has all cleared up! I now know who I am in Christ! I am still suffering the repercussions from the false doctrine that held me captive for so many decades but I now have hope and surety in Christ Jesus that I am His son and that He loves me! There are decisions and choices that I made in my 20's, 30's, and 40's that I am still paying for but God loves me and is helping me overcome by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony hallelujah!

    If a child or young adult would listen and hear me, I would encourage them to go online and signup for the Charis Bible Study, specifically, Spirit, Soul, and Body with Pastor Maria Carpenter who has been so kind, loving, and non-judgmental so that I can grow up in Christ from the thumb-sucking baby Christian that I was, starved from not receiving the meat of God's Word and only at times receiving the milk of the Word for decades and becoming malnourished to now, starting to fill out my mind and body from the Spirit and Spiritual food that has been fed to me in the past two months or so!

    I have matured more in Christ in the last 60+ days than in all of my 60+ years combined and I thank Andrew and the loving, wise, and kind graduate of Charis Bible College Maria Carpenter. Additionally, I think the zoom feature helps with the authenticity and veracity of her teaching because even though she and other class members have never seen me live, I have seen their kind and beautiful faces and see the light and love of God shone brightly in and through them! I am blessed! I was taking Effortless Change just prior, but at the time I could only attend the Wednesday sessions and not the Sunday sessions so I withdrew after a few sessions and they were only audio so I never completely felt assured. I recommend this class and book to every Christian and non-Christian as required supplements to reading the Bible so that they can avoid falling into deception.

    Blessings in Christ,

  • Hannah K Date: 06/18/2021

    Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, and I want to share my healing journey with you all today, hoping it will spark a bit of hope into you. To begin, let me ask you a question. When you think of a 22-year-old, what do you imagine them doing? How about a 22-year-old fresh out of college? You would probably imagine some type of high-energy, successful young adult on their way to get a job. You might imagine someone who is finally free of their education, going out and about to explore the world, or hang out with their friends. However, the situation was quite different for me.
    Let me give you all a bit of backstory first. Quite fittingly, it’s a story about my back. When I was in elementary school, I would go shopping with my family a lot. We did this a couple times a week, and I found myself not wanting to walk for a lot of it. I would either be in a cart or sitting on the edge of a low shelf while my family shopped. Most of the time I chalked it up to I wasn’t wearing the right shoes. So, I tried to find some good “walking shoes” that were more comfortable. Over the years, I caught on to notice that this wasn’t the case. No matter what shoes I had on, my back always seemed to hurt.
    Years had passed, and I had become used to this. I altered the way I stood, sat, and always made sure I had a place to sit. I started to limit my activities and stay indoors. My body had become weak. My legs ached, my hips hurt, and my back burned constantly. I wasn’t happy with this, yet I pressed on into my high school years. During high school, when I came home to do my homework, the only place I found comfortable enough was to lay on the floor. Even then, I was changing my position every few minutes to stop the pain. I couldn’t sit upright for all those hours. At school I managed, but home was different.
    During high school, I was having trouble in gym class keeping up with the other kids, so I had gone to the doctors to check for a potential breathing problem. The doctors couldn’t find anything to note, but there was one doctor who noticed something strange on one of my x-rays. According to him, both of my hips were unable to move properly at their joints, and the bottom few vertebrae of my spine were fused together. Nothing could move or bend. He told me this was the source of my pain. I was thrilled, finally having a diagnosis. That was until he told me there was no cure. He told me the only way to fix my pain would be to have a surgery that had a very high change of leaving me paralyzed.
    I was doing some physical therapy after hearing this news, mulling over what I should do. Should I get the surgery and risk it? Or should I just power through and accept that I would be in pain for the rest of my life? The decision was tough, but obvious. I wasn’t going to risk it. So, I did what any hopeless person would do. I gave up. I stopped my physical therapy and decided to just let the pain exist.
    I pushed through college and was finally ready to get a job. Straight out of college with a fresh Graphic Arts degree, I hunted for some jobs. With no success, I became a bit disheartened because I knew my job opportunities were limited. I could only stand for about ten minutes due to the pain I was experiencing, I couldn’t sit for long, and I couldn’t lift anything, either. I had trouble finding a job that would accommodate for that, so once again I gave up.
    Not long after this, 2020 hit. It was perfect to me. I could stay indoors, not have to be with other people, or blow off plans. Everything was at a standstill. It was perfect for me, but it was a curse. During that one-year time span, my condition deteriorated so severely to the point where I could barely stand for three minutes. The pain was unbearable. I was extremely weak. I started to use items around me for support when walking, clutching my back a lot of the time. I bought a back brace. I mostly stayed in my bed, and even that was excruciatingly painful. I couldn’t sleep at night, tossing and turning, trying to alleviate the pain. Any single movement I would make at any given time, my entire spine would crack. It sounded like when you step on gravel. When asked to do something basic, like going for a walk, I found myself saying “I can’t.” I accepted it. That was until one day, I decided I had enough. I didn’t know how I was even going to begin, but the answer came to me in a way I wouldn’t have expected.
    My family volunteers at the South Jersey Dream Center weekly. My dad and I were talking with Natalie there one afternoon about the incredible healing journeys that Pastor Joe talks about. It sounded really impressive, and my dad briefly mentioned how I was struggling with pain for my whole life, and I should try it. I agreed. I had no other options, so what did I have to lose? So, a week passed, and Pastor Joe came to the Dream Center to pray with me. We went off to a separate room, my dad tagging along, and talked for a little while about what I was experiencing and how we could tackle it in prayer. Pastor Joe told me that, despite how I was feeling, I was already healed. He told me that we just had to pray for the healing to “activate” it, in a sense. He told me that I was worthy of healing. Everyone is. No matter what I had done or what I had been through in life, this healing that I deserved. I really believed him. I knew deep down I didn’t deserve any of this.
    So, he stuck his hand on my back, and we prayed. We prayed passionately about how I shouldn’t be experiencing this pain, and that I deserve healing. I deserved quality of life, and I was going to receive it. While we were praying, Pastor mentioned afterwards that something in my back had shifted. He felt it on his hand. I had felt it too and agreed. He asked me how I felt after we were done praying, and at the time I had trouble finding the words to describe it. I felt loose, with no pain. I was standing for the whole prayer and afterwards with absolutely no problem. My posture felt more stable. Pastor asked me if there was anything I couldn’t do before that I felt I was able to do after the prayer. I immediately told him I was usually unable to stand for this long. After a little while, I remembered I was unable to do a squat. So right there I just did one, no problem. I was ecstatic.
    I didn’t fully appreciate it until later that night after volunteering. My sister asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. For the first time in a while, I said yes. She and I walked almost two miles together. I felt absolutely no pain. I’ve been doing this almost every day now.
    It’s been a couple weeks now, and every day I make a point to ask myself, “Does my back hurt today?” I have not said yes once. Sure, my back gets a little tight now and then. But that’s nothing compared to not being able to get out of bed.
    So, if you’re struggling with something similar and don’t know what to do, take it from the girl who just ran at top speed after the ice cream truck twice in one week after not being able stand her whole life—miracles are real. They’re already laid out for you. You just have to take the small step and accept them.