Only Charis Bible College graduates of 2nd year or graduates of Charis Bible College's CEM (Continuing Education for Ministers) program are allowed to become Group Leaders with Charis Bible Studies.

Click on the LEAD tab at the top of the page for more info on the specific requirements to Lead as study.


No, there is no fee for attendees to attend a Charis Bible Study, but we recommend group leaders give their attendees an opportunity to give as an offering. 


Attendees cannot receive credit towards Charis Bible College. There is a certificate of completion that attendees can receive from their group leader if they would like to mark the completion of the study.


There are a few options for joining Charis Bible Studies if there are not any physically in your area. If you register as an attendee without registering for a specific study, you will be automatically signed up for emails that are sent to you when a study in your area has been created.

As a way of saying thank you for letting us know that a Study is needed in your area, we will give you a 10% discount on the purchase of any Study Guides used in Charis Bible Studies.

There are online studies that you are welcome to sign up for. We have great Group Leaders that broadcast their Charis Bible Studies online so that those who do not have access to a physical Study can still attend and participate in a Study. You can see a list of Online Studies and register to attend an Online Study at this link (Online Studies).

There is also the opportunity to purchase study guides through the Andrew Wommack Ministries store and do self-study or go through the lessons with a friend until a Charis Bible Study is begun in your area.

If you have questions on any of these options, please reach out to help@charisbiblecollege.net.


There are three international offices that can help facilitate International Charis Bible Studies for graduates of Charis Bible College. Please contact help@charisbiblestudies.net for more information on the office best suited to serve you. 

You can also lead an online study that international attendees can join if you accept them.


If you forget your password to any of your accounts, there is a "forgot password" link to click on the login page. Fill in the form with the exact email that you use for your account and click submit.

This will send an email to you. Please remember to check your junk and spam folders as the email is from ADMIN and may be sent to those boxes instead. Click the link that is in the email to reset your password. It will have you log in to your account.


Click on the FIND tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the table of studies. You have the option to search for physical or online studies. Select the filter to the left of the table. You can also type in your zip code to the filter box and click search. You are able to select a search radius.

In the search bar above the table, you can search for a physical address by putting in your state or zip code. If you already know the study guide or group leader you want to follow, you can search by typing in their name. 

Click on a study or group leader name that you are interested in to find information for that study. There will also be a red register button on the information page. Click when you are ready to register. If you have never attended a study before, it will ask for your information and will create an attendee account for you. 

**If you are a couple, please register for a study separately. If you share an email, one of you will need to create an email address to have their own account. If you do not feel comfortable with that option you can also notify your group leader to count one of you as an unregistered attendee.
**Please do not sign up for others, either as a fellow attendee or their group leader.


Click the LEAD tab at the top of the page. Please read through the qualifications before applying. Once you read through the page and you meet all the requirements, click the red "apply" button. Fill out the application and click Submit.

**Please double check your information and email address as you will receive informational emails of what to expect and do next to that email address. 

**If you have created a profile for "attendee" or "host" previously, you will need to have a different email address to create a group leader profile as the website can only associate one email to one type of account.

You will receive a confirmation email that you have registered to be a group leader. It will have information about your next step and the Charis Bible Studies group leader handbook. You will receive a second email with your login information. Please check junk or spam folders as the email will be sent from ADMIN and may be sent there. 

Once all of the required documentation is in, your application is ready for the review process. This can take a couple of weeks to complete. 


The Charis Bible Studies team understands the difficulty of using the website. We appreciate your patience and grace with us as we work through the issues and build the site into what we envision. Until we are able to make all of the changes and corrections, please see the below list of helpful hints that may be what you need for the website to function correctly.

The Charis Bible Studies website works best while using a laptop or desktop computer.  If you are using your phone or tablet, you will have very limited access to our site.

Chrome is the best browser to use for the website. This browser is free. Firefox is second and also free to download.

If an incorrect password or email is saved, please go into your browser history and clear the sign-in information for the Charis Bible Studies site. This should clear the incorrectly saved data.


If you run into any issues that are not fixed by any of these hints, please reach out to help@charisbiblestudies.net with questions. We are here to support you.


Yes, you can. When you find the Charis Bible Study that you want to join but have questions before you do so, you have the ability to email the group leader of the study. 

Under the "Find" tab, once you have your Charis Bible Study selected, you can hover your mouse over the oval with three dots that are to the left of the group leader's name and study information. A dropdown menu should appear. Select "email" and a box for the body of the email will pop up. It will automatically connect to the group leader's email. Click submit when you are finished with your email.


Log in to the account that needs to have updated information. Click "Profile" at the top of the web page. Hit the red "Edit" button. Make sure you hit update if the page has the button. Your information will not save otherwise.

After you click update, there may be an error code that pops up. The page will be blank and the error code will show in small text at the top left of the page. It saved your information whether you get that error code or not. Just type back in charisbiblestudies.net to get back to the website.


Step 1: Go to www.charisbiblestudies.net

Step 2: Click on Find

Step 3: You can look for a physical address by putting in your local zip code and radius

       Step 4: If there are no studies in your search area you will see "There Were No Physical Studies Found                         For This Search, But We have Options For You! Click Here"

       Step 5: Fill out the form


Hosts are those who are willing to welcome a group leader and attendees of the study into their home. A group leader may not have room in their home or has outgrown the space they have been meeting in. Being a host means you are giving an opportunity of growth to some group leaders and Charis Bible Studies.

Go to the "Host" tab. Do not be logged in as an attendee or group leader. This will open to the form. Please fill in your information and click submit. This will automatically register you as a viable host.

Please make sure to register with an email not used before. If you have been an attendee and have an attendee profile, you will need to choose or create a different email address to register with the host profile. It will tell you that the email has already been used. 


When you register to become a Charis Bible Study group leader, you will need to read the group leader handbook and sign that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the handbook. There will also be a test over the handbook that you will need to make a 93% or better on to get through to the review process. 

You will also need to provide three references as part of your application. One needs to be your Charis Bible College director or advisor. The second reference needs to be a current or former pastor of your church. The third will be a personal reference. Please select one of your three references to represent your ministry abilities. You only need one of the three references to speak on your ministry experience. Directors or mission trip leaders make for great ministry references.

To find out if all three references have submitted their forms or to check if you have filled out the sections over the handbook, please log in to your registered group leader account. Click on "Profile" at the top of the web page. You will see a status bar with boxes numbered 1-4. If the box is filled in as red, you have completed that step for applying to become a Charis Bible Study group leader.

Once each box is filled, you have finished the application process and are now moved to the review process. This process takes 1-2 weeks to complete on average. You will receive an email on whether you have been approved as a group leader or not. 


The website creates a login and attendee profile for you after you register for your first study. You do not need to walkthrough the registration process again. You can click the login button at the top righthand of the webpage. Use the email and password that you used for the first registration.

Once logged in, you will be able to go to the Find tab and look through the active studies tables. Once you find the study you would like to join, you can hover your mouse over the three dots in the oval and select “register”. This will automatically sign you up for the study. The studies you are registered for will show under the list on your dashboard.