No. Only Charis Bible College graduates (2 year) or graduates of Charis Bible College's CEM (Continuing Education for Ministers) program are allowed to become Group Leaders with Charis Bible Studies.

Click on the LEAD menu at the top of the page for more info on the specific requirements to Lead as study.

A) Unfortunately, we are only able to start Bible Studies within the United States. We are however working on making studies available internationally.

No, there is no fee for attendees to attend a Charis Bible Study but we recommend giving you attendees an opportunity to give in an offering. 


No credits toward Charis Bible College are given, however, if you would like to give a certificate of completion to your attendees who complete the study, that is up to you.  These Bible Studies certificates of completion are of sentimental value only and do not count towards college credits.


No. You will get email notifications to let you know if there are other people who want to attend your group that come through the website. Realize that you are your best advertisement when establishing your study. Don't rely on the website to produce attendees for your group.


We have several options for you. #1 We encourage you to register on our site at this link (register) so that we can inform you when a Study becomes available in your area.

As a way of saying thank you for letting us know that a Study is needed in your area, we will give you a 10% discount on the purchase of any Study Guides used in Charis Bible Studies.

#2 We would suggest that you consider one of our Online Charis Bible Studies.

We have Group Leaders that broadcast their Studies online so that those who do not have access to a physical Study can still attend and participate in a Study.

You can see a list of Online Studies and register to attend an Online Study at this link (Online Studies).

#3 We also encourage you to use the 10% discount above to purchase a Study Guide and to do a self-study or to study with a friend until a Charis Bible Study comes to your area.

If you have questions on any of these options, don't hesitate to contact us at this link (contact us) to discuss this further.

A) Yes. We have the ability to supply you with the materials that you will need (electronically) to teach Charis Bible Studies in another country. You will need a computer, a printer and access to email.
A) Yes. Charis Bible Studies can be taught online through a variety of platforms. Once you become a Group Leader, we will send you instructions on how to teach your Study online on Facebook or Google Hangouts.

Do Not create a new log in.

Do this instead...
Click Login at the top.
Then click Forgot Password.
Fill in the form with your email ID (email address)
Click Submit

Go to your email and locate the email that just came to you.
It will have links for you to reset your password.
After you reset your password ... Use that password to Log in.

Check your junk mail if you don't see the email.


**Each person needs to sign up individually.
**You cannot register or sign up for another person.

Step 1: Click on FIND at the top of the page

Step 2: You can search for a physical address by putting in your local zip code and radius
              If you already know your group leader's name, search by their last name. (on the right)

Step 3: Click on a study that you are interested in to find all of the information for that study...
             you can click on the 3 dots to the left of the study to email the Group Leader...
             if you need more information.

Step 4: After clicking on the study...
            Click the REGISTER button and the group leader will contact you to give you more info

*Note: When registering... If you are not logged in... you will be prompted to enter your email address.
Please use an email address that is unique to you.

You will not be able to use another person's email address to register...
if you do...  you will be registering that person for the study instead of yourself.



Step 1: Go to www.charisbiblestudies.net

Step 2: Click LEAD

Step 3: Read the Qualifications...

Step 4: Fill out application and click on SUBMIT


Important Notes:

1. Please take care when inputting your email address.
Make sure it will be one you can access for years to come.
Make sure it is spelled correctly 
Your email address is your log in and cannot be changed.

2. You will receive a confirmation email that you are registered and another email with your username and password to begin to access the site.

Once logged in... You will be On your Home/Dashboard page...

You will see where you are at in the application process... and take care of all the needed steps.
Glad to have you on board!


The Charis Bible Studies website works best while using a laptop or desktop computer.

When using your phone or tablet, you will only have very limited access to our site.


The Charis Bible Studies website currently works best with the Chrome browser.

This browser is free.

When using a laptop or desktop and the Chrome Browser...
The website and all its parts should work correctly for you.


You can join an Online study. NOTICE: This is not a physical study!

  1. Click FIND at the top
  2. Then choose the circle in front of ONLINE as the study type on the left.
  3. After choosing ONLINE… the Search box changes to Online Study choices
  4. Select what you are looking for…
  5. Make sure you put in YOUR time zone.
  6. Then click the Find red button to get a list of studies available to you.

There is a study available for you...
No matter where you are in the world.

Enjoy the journey with Jesus!


Click FIND at the top of the page to locate a study.

After locating the study that you want...

Click on the leader's name

Click on the Contact Email red button under the leaders picture



On the FIND page

Click on the 3 horizontal dots to under the Action column beside the study...

And select email


Log in

Go to Profile at the top

Click Edit


Step 1: Go to www.charisbiblestudies.net

Step 2: Click on Find

Step 3: You can look for a physical address by putting in your local zip code and radius

       Step 4: If there are no studies in your search area you will see "There Were No Physical Studies Found                         For This Search, But We have Options For You! Click Here"

       Step 5: Fill out the form


Go to the top of the website and click on HOST

Fill out the form

Thank you for your desire to host a Charis Bible Study!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Charis Bible Studies group leader. We are excited to see what God is going to do through you to change lives. I will walk you through the process of being able to see where you are in the process of becoming a leader.


The key... is to go to the website and log in. You will land on a page with instructions... no matter what your status is..


With that said... complete the following steps.


Step 1: Go to www.charisbiblestudies.net

Step 2: Click LOG IN (Click Forgot password if needed)

Step 3: You will land on your Home Page. (Either Group Leader or Group Leader Applicant automatically)

** If you have NOT completed your Group Leader Application Process...You should see...
1)  a picture with a "My Profile:" ribbon at the top of the page

2) a Status Bar in the middle of the page that shows you the process numbered 1-4.
     The red boxes show what you have completed so far. You can view your reference status as well. 

3) Plus Instructions in a box above the status bar with instructions... Follow those instructions.


**If you HAVE completed all your application steps and have been approved, your next steps are as follows:

1) Once you log in you will automatically be on the Group Leader part of the website... on your Group Leader Home Page.

2) Please read the ANNOUNCEMENTS there and complete the steps in the Announcements.
     They will show you what to do next.