• Pastor Sandy Kennedy Date: 04/16/2021

    Dear Charis Bible Studies: I am currently leading a “The New You and Holy Spirit” class through Charis Bible Studies by Zoom. Only have two classes left. I was totally surprised by the response of the attendees. I am from Kansas and of course the study location indicates that. I figured I might have some people sign up from the Kansas area and that would be it. To my surprise a married couple from the Philippines, two people from Georgia, one from New Jersey, one from North Carolina, two from Arizona, one from New York, one from eastern Kansas (who is from Africa), and seven from my town. The two from Georgia: one is from China (Charis grad) and the other from Taiwan. Of the seven from my town, two are from another church and five from my church. What a wonderful group it has been! It has been an awesome experience for me and for the group. What a blessing to share with people spanning from the East coast to the Philippines. We have had the gifts flow. One person filled with the Holy Spirit. Others releasing their prayer language for the first time or not since being baptized in the Holy Spirit initially. They have shared testimonies, prayer requests, challenges, and we have become friends. The Philippine precious couple desire to attend Charis and are believing God for the finances and the how to. They are so hungry for teaching and have a desire to minister. God has touched all the lives in this group in many ways. I just wanted you to know what an impact Charis Bible Studies is having. Thank you for your faithfulness to this program. Blessings!! Sandy Kennedy Charis Bible Studies Leader