• Nyanzi Vincent Date: 04/12/2021

    I am Nyanzi Vincent and am a male Ugandan aged 21 years. I am here to testify about the DE 48 lessons. Before I joined DE 48 lessons, I desired to know God and even made it a prayer request. I was a kind of person who used to think, 1. God loves us basing on how we perform 2. God is the author of all things (good and bad things) in life. 3. I used to think that God is still an angry God. 4. I used to think that every time I sin I lose right standing and need to be born again, again. I used to think that each and everything I knew about God was true. But guess what, Discipleship evangelism revealed to me much and proved me the other way. To cut the story short, the Lord connected me to teacher Maria Elena Carpenter whom she used and introduced me to Discipleship Evangelism class. However, Discipleship Evangelism has helped me to know who God really is, what he has really done and what he is not. It has revealed to me the purpose of salvation which is to have a personal relationship with God, By the way, my speaking in tongues became effective through Discipleship Evangelism under (level 1, lessons 14,15 & 16) I was a kind of person who used to fear speaking in tongues. Whenever I used to try it out, a thought came in my mind that you were speaking ugly something like that, but I realised later in these lessons that it was the devil who said so. Ever since then, lessons 14,15 &16 of level one helped me to be effective in speaking in tongues till now. By the way it was through Discipleship Evangelism that I came to fully realise that Satan has no power, at first like many people, I used to think Satan is so great in power , but guess what, lesson 6 of level 2 revealed to me the weakness of Satan and reminded me the authority we have as believers in Christ. There's a lot to talk about what DE 48 has done in my life. All in all, I am proud to say that am now a mature Christian who knows who God is and what He isn't. I am now able to share these truth with others . DE washes away the blindness of false doctrines. Am now able to even write revelations from the holy Spirit, etc etc. There's a lot to say but all in all, I thank God for Charis Bible studies. I thank my teacher, Maria Elena Carpenter for the great work she's done. Blessings, Nyanzi Vincent