• William Hampton Date: 10/12/2020

    In January of 2019 I was teaching the Charis Bible Study God Wants You Well. At this time, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a large tumor growing out of my back and was advised by the doctors to have it removed. The surgery was scheduled, and we were expecting a 2.5 hr. surgery, but it ended up taking 6.5 hrs. The doctors said this was due to the tumor being bigger than the scans showed and more lymph nodes that needed removed than scans showed. Three weeks after surgery I returned for a follow up and was talked into treatment. I never had a peaceful feeling about the treatment but went ahead with it anyway. The treatment was to prevent any return of cancer. The treatment was for 30 minutes every 2 weeks. After the third treatment I started to have side effects which were extremely negative. Also, I started to have a growth return on my back. During this time, I was taking a shower one morning when God spoke to me and said, You know those doctors only have a 50% success ratio? I answered, I know that. He then said, You know I have a 100% success ratio. and I answered, I know that too. This was when I made the decision to drop out of treatment. Within a few days I was back at the hospital to have the growth on my back biopsied. The results came back, the report was very negative. Very aggressive, fast growing, stage 4 cancer, and there is nothing that can be done. This is where the benefit of spending 2 years at Charis Bible College kicked in. A few weeks before I had been listening to Andrew's teaching from the Christian Survival Kit and the 1st thing that came to mind was John 14:1. The Holy Spirit just said, 'Don't panic. Our next response was, We know someone who can help. On the way out of the door my wife left them with this message, We will be back with a great testimony. We then left the hospital, turned KLOV on the radio and sang praise songs the entire way home. The next week we moved from teaching God Wants You Well to The Believer's Authority. What great timing from the Lord to put on our hearts to do these 2 Bible studies at this time. Jesus did the healing, but there were a few things I had been taught at Charis and more revelation given me in the Charis Bible Studies. I never took ownership of cancer. It was not mine, I never called it my cancer. I believe in the finished work of the cross and believed that Jesus already had healed me. I never spoke words that gave the enemy power, no matter how I felt I spoke healing and believed healing. I spoke scriptures that had to do with healing over myself 3 times every day. This helped build faith and really put it in my heart. Within a few weeks the tumor started to get smaller, and smaller until it was gone. My wife and I made up our minds that we were going to saturate ourselves in The Word of God! I received some great words from God at this time. One is that this would be used against Satan to help other people, another was that we were to sell our business and go back to Charis for a 3rd year and that I was to take the ministry track. I had a dream one night of these little things that reminded me of the old Pacman game. They were just running through my body munching away at what was ever in their way. On the back of each was HGM. I asked God what those were and He said they were HOLY Ghost Meds and they were eating the cancer. It has been an amazing journey. How great it was to have been teaching God Wants You Well and The Believer's Authority during this time. What Jesus did for me He will definitely do for you. The last thing I want to mention is how important it was that my wife and I were on the same page. We both knew what to do and we did it. What a blessing she is! I remember days when she was cleaning the wound and laughing at it. I also want to say how important it has been to sit under the Word for 2 years at Charis and how grateful we are to Andrew and all the great teachers we had for those 2 years. THANK YOU JESUS!!