• Eric H Date: 01/19/2018

    I want to thank you for the Bible study, it changed my life. I've been praying for healing for people about once a week and I'm starting to get quite a lit of results. The latest is my wife's cousin, she is a hair dresser who had a torn labrum. I don't know what a labrum is but she said the Dr. told her it was torn and she needed to get an MRI before they could schedule surgery. He told her he had been doing this for 20 years it was definitely torn and the MRI was just to appease the insurance company. After she told me this story I prayed with her, and my son and daughter helped me. I said what was in my opinion the most lame prayer ever. It was about 10 seconds long and sounded like I had never prayed out loud before. So then I promptly left feeling like I screwed up. Then the Lord reminded me it's not your prayer that heals her, it's me. I was rocked, I started praising God. Five days later she got the results from her MRI. Not surgery needed. God is so awesome. Thank you again Jim for being an amazing man of God and helping me learn more about the goodness of God.