• Jim Mansfield Date: 08/01/2022

    Healing testimony from the Leesburg, IN Charis Bible Study: We have been studying Healing University. One brother, Gary, had been standing against pain in his hip and in both feet. It was difficult for him to get around. However, he would take the notes from each study and read and confess the Scriptures each night last thing before going to sleep. Then one morning all the pain was gone! This was an application of how our Lord said the Kingdom works in Mark 4. The seed of the Word was planted in the soil of a good heart and eventually produced fruit. An observation: I am reminded that healing is a gift. Gary looked like he had cause for having pain in his hip and feet. However, the seed of the Word of God produced healing which is enabling him to become more active and fit. When Gary went back to the doctor for a follow-up the Holy Spirit gave him a word of knowledge regarding the doctor. Gary received the revelation that this doctor is a Christian and that the Lord desired this man to spend more time with Him. Gary said to the doctor, “You are a Christian.” The doctor replied that, yes, he is a believer. Then Gary told him, “The Lord wants you to spend more time with Him.” The doctor told Gary that he would seriously take that to heart.