• Alfonso Archuleta Date: 05/18/2021

    My name is Alfonso Archuleta and I am participating in a Bible study, Spirit, Soul, and Body, that is taking me out of the pit of despair and that Andrew has deemed foundational to most if not all of his vast writings. I am 60 years old and have struggled with doubting my salvation for decades due to the trauma and abuse that I endured as a child and the echos from the past which turned into bitterness and unforgiveness for my abusers. Andrew's teaching on Spirit, Soul, and Body uncovered the veil from my mind and heart so that I now clearly see and understand God's Word as it was intended to be understood. It is helping me to repent of bitterness and unforgiveness and be healed in Jesus name! All of the previous Bible studies, teachings, teachers, evangelists, preachers, and pastors left out vital information or added confusing explanations that clouded my mind and heart as to God's true intentions so that I continued to question and doubt the Bible's veracity and my salvation in Christ! I have wasted over 55 years on false teaching that Andrew's book has all cleared up! I now know who I am in Christ! I am still suffering the repercussions from the false doctrine that held me captive for so many decades but I now have hope and surety in Christ Jesus that I am His son and that He loves me! There are decisions and choices that I made in my 20's, 30's, and 40's that I am still paying for but God loves me and is helping me overcome by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony hallelujah! If a child or young adult would listen and hear me, I would encourage them to go online and signup for the Charis Bible Study, specifically, Spirit, Soul, and Body with Pastor Maria Carpenter who has been so kind, loving, and non-judgmental so that I can grow up in Christ from the thumb-sucking baby Christian that I was, starved from not receiving the meat of God's Word and only at times receiving the milk of the Word for decades and becoming malnourished to now, starting to fill out my mind and body from the Spirit and Spiritual food that has been fed to me in the past two months or so! I have matured more in Christ in the last 60+ days than in all of my 60+ years combined and I thank Andrew and the loving, wise, and kind graduate of Charis Bible College Maria Carpenter. Additionally, I think the zoom feature helps with the authenticity and veracity of her teaching because even though she and other class members have never seen me live, I have seen their kind and beautiful faces and see the light and love of God shone brightly in and through them! I am blessed! I was taking Effortless Change just prior, but at the time I could only attend the Wednesday sessions and not the Sunday sessions so I withdrew after a few sessions and they were only audio so I never completely felt assured. I recommend this class and book to every Christian and non-Christian as required supplements to reading the Bible so that they can avoid falling into deception. Blessings in Christ,