• Brian Leatherwood Date: 01/20/2021

    It’s definitely been a journey in bible studies. We are on our 5th CBS right now working towards a church plant. 😊 Making the commitment to open your lives and home to others can always be a testament of faith and venerability. You’re not sure what it all may look like but you trust God is working through you to help impact people’s lives right where they need it. Just step out by faith! It’s what Andrew is all about, discipleship. We have seen the love of God break through walls of hurt and misunderstandings in many ways, which has ultimately brought them from strongholds to victory in Jesus. One of my fav verses is Eph 3:19 AMP for our groups. We have had a few inspired to start their own study after experiencing how God has and will equip the available and willing for Him. It’s really amazing to be in God’s grace. Again, it’s trusting God even if one shows up for the win. He will send the people and grow the house.