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Adam  Mendenhall
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God Wants You Well - 18 Lessons
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3 Hours
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My name is Adam Mendenhall and I'm a Charis Bible College graduate. My wife Debi and I are excited to announce this new Charis Bible Study course which I call 'God Wants You Well' on steroids. It's called 'HEALING UNIVERSITY' by Charis Bible College. We have made this easy for all to get on board through a virtual Zoom meeting. You will receive Zoom meeting invite email which you will just click on, and instantly you're in the meeting. We have a person in Australia and 4 in Europe who join us in our other meetings. Again this new gathering is on Mondays, 5:30 pm PT (West coast time US) each week.

This will be our 4th Healing University course which we've led. We have two in session and have graduated our first one a few weeks back. Here is the reason I say it's 'God Wants You Well' on steroids. We literally spend much of our lives unknowingly learning how to be sick through the culture we live in. So it takes an extensive amount of detoxing and un-training from the world and the devil's deception regarding the truth that God is wanting us well!

The new Charis Healing University is a forty-eight video lesson course to take your understanding of healing to the next level. But you’ll get much more than that! We’ve packed it full of video testimonies, years and years of our study and revelation, and steps to help you walk this out. Besides that, you’ll receive instruction on a variety of topics—all with the goal of creating an expectation for healing, helping you experience and receive your healing, and empowering you to minister healing to others.

The lineup of teachers Charis Bible College has assembled for this includes some of the most experienced men and women on healing Andrew says he's ever been around. Besides Andrew, there’s Barry Bennett, Duane Sheriff, Carlie Terradez, Daniel Amstutz, Greg Mohr, and Carrie Pickett.

Be sure to contact me to reserve your spot as we make this journey together.

Please reply to ask any questions you have. Please text me at 503-801-1259 or email me so we can get you on board with this amazing class!

See ya soon! Adam & Debi Mendenhall