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Jacquelyn  Cluck
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Discipling Through Romans - 35 Lessons
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Physical - US
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2 Hours
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Tuesday - 6:30 pm EST (UTC-05:00)

 Message for Attendees 

Whether you are one of Andrew’s partners or just inquiring into the teachings of Andrew Wommack, I encourage all ladies of all ages to consider coming if you are searching for Christian fellowship and/or truths and practical answers from the Word of God for your life. Andrew’s teaching will reveal God’s plan of love, redemption, and restoration for all mankind and for you, and how much He really does love you!

About Discipling Through Romans Andrew says: I am really excited about what God is going to do in your life through this study. In my estimation, the book of Romans is the most profound teaching on grace in the Word of God, and it lays out the truths of the Gospel in a powerful way. The word “Gospel” in the Greek actually means “nearly too good to be true” news. Jesus came and loved us unconditionally, died for our sins, reconciled us to God – all on a free, unearned, undeserved basis—but the church today has lost some of this, and thus the POWER of the Gospel. If you are having problems in the areas of forgiveness, healing, deliverance, or prosperity—all of which define the word “salvation”—then I can promise you the reason is that you haven’t fully understood the Gospel.