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Sandra  McNair
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Spirit, Soul & Body - 23 Lessons
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Not Available
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2 Hours
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Tuesday - 7:00 pm CST (UTC-06:00)

 Message for Attendees 


We hope you will join us as we continue our adventure into God's Word. My name is Sandy and my husband is Wayne McNair. We graduated in 2016 from the Mission Track in Colorado's main campus. We have a heart to share the unconditional love and grace of God with those around the world.

We had hoped to be in Spain this past year but because of Covid we were not able to go. We are currently planning to go to Mexico the end of March. Since we will still be connected to the internet we are able to start and finish the study no matter where we are. We would love for you to join us as we study God's word together. So there is no time like the present to get started sharing God's truths. We will wait just until the first week of March for those who are interested in signing up.

We never dreamed it would be able to do an online study with people around the world. The world has become so small with all the technology. We can reach the world with out even leaving our home. I hope you will join us. Come find out who you are, how you are a new creation in Christ and much, much more.

Sandy and Wayne McNair