Online Charis Bible Studies 

We would like to encourage you to consider joining one of our Online Studies. In an Online Study you will be able to attend the Charis Bible Study via computer and interact with the Group Leader to ask questions during the Study. Click the link below to see the list of Online Studies that are available and to register for one, if you choose.

Online Charis Bible Studies

 Physical - Notify Me When A Charis Bible Study Comes To My Area 

Unfortunately there are no physical Studies in your area yet. If you would like to be notified when a Physical Study comes to your area, just in the info here and click submit.

 Host a Charis Bible Study 

If you would like for a Charis Bible Study to be taught at your Home or Facility, please click the link below. We will provide your name to CBS Group Leaders who may want to teach a Study in your area but simply lack a place in which to teach it.

Host A Study

 Lead a Charis Bible Study 

Are you a Charis graduate? If so you can start your own Charis Bible Study. Please click the link below

Lead a Study