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On this page you can perform a detailed search for studies.  You can locate a Physical Study, an International Study, and Online Study or even a Physical Study that the Group Leader is broadcasting online at the same time.

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*** Highlighted Studies are only Potential Studies.  Group Leaders post these studies to gauge whether there is sufficient interest to start this particular Study. ***

Study Type:

 Physical - US 

Physical Study - US

  Potential Study

  Physical / Online Study

Action Distance Leader Study Type State City Week
NA Breakfast & Bible Financial Stewardship - 10 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Henrico 85 of 67
NA Pastor Dwight Blakey How To Fulfill God's Will - 15 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Harrisonburg 46 of 41
NA Steven Green Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith - 20 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Alexandria 68 of 81
NA Richard Anthony Spirit, Soul & Body - 19 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Arlington 44 of 23
NA Espiritu Alma y Cuerpo Spirit, Soul & Body - 19 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Springfield 33 of 19
NA Richard Anthony Spirit, Soul & Body - 19 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Arlington 44 of 23
NA Pastor Dwight Blakey War Is Over - 22 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Harrisonburg 5 of 21
NA Pastor Dwight Blakey Effortless Change - 19 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Harrisonburg 0 of 18
NA Julius & Rhonchell Smith Discipling Through Galatians - 20 Lessons Co-Ed Virginia Newport News 3 of 19
NA Denise Stephens Spirit, Soul & Body - 19 Lessons Female Virginia Virginia Beach 0 of 18