How to search for a Study 

  • On this page, you can perform a detailed search for studies. For example, you can locate a Physical Study, online Study, or a Physical Study that the Group Leader is broadcasting online at the same time.
  • Let’s start with the Study type on the left-Choose the study type that you are looking for:
    • Physical-US-Fill in your zip code inside the Online Study box and how far away you want to travel to attend a study, then click “Find.”
    • Online Study-Go to the Online Study box and select your Study, Day, Time Between, Time Zone, and Language. Use your down arrow to locate your choices.  Then, hit your (red) Find button.
  • Once you locate your Study, hover over the three dots under Action.  You will then be given three choices, more info, register, email.  Once you have made your choice to register, your part is complete.  The rest is up to the group leader.

Study Type:

 Physical - US 

Physical Study - US

  Physical / Online Study

Action Distance Leader Study Type State City Week
NA Shareen Pratt Lessons From Elijah - 16 Lessons Co-Ed Florida Ormond Beach 11 of 16
NA Bill Kelley Spirit, Soul & Body - 23 Lessons Co-Ed Florida Hernando 12 of 23
NA Kathy Black DE 48 Lessons - 48 Lessons Female Florida Milton 29 of 48
NA Pastor Pat Lawrence The New You & The Holy Spirit - 16 Lessons Co-Ed Florida Leesburg 16 of 16
NA Eby Varghese Discipling Through Romans - 35 Lessons Co-Ed Florida Dover 25 of 35
NA Christine M Stewart Don't Limit God - 12 Lessons Co-Ed Florida Port Orange 12 of 12
NA Shareen Pratt Discipling Through Romans - 35 Lessons Co-Ed Florida Ormond Beach 0 of 35