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Patti  Selleck
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A Better Way to Pray - 21 Lessons
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Not Available
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1 Hour 30 Mins.
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Wednesday - 6:00 pm PST (UTC-08:00)

 Message for Attendees 

I believe that God’s desire is for us to be spiritually equipped for this hour we are now living in.
We will begin this study by journeying through the Book of Acts. We will explore the adventures of the Early New Testament Christians empowered by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Plan to learn more about the equipping of the Church by the Holy Spirit and how you too have the Authority to release the power that was released then and is ours today.

We will also study our Covenant and what it means to have Covenant with God, Spiritual Weapons to defeat the Enemy (a book by Rick Renner) also lessons from A Better Way to Pray and selected Lessons from David, How to Be A Giant Killer by Andrew Wommack

This will be a Zoom Study. I will send you the link after you are accepted into the class. I look forward to helping you grow in the Word!