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Lee  Connelly
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God Wants You Well - 18 Lessons
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Not Available
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2 Hours 30 Mins.
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Thursday - 5:30 pm EST (UTC-05:00)

 Message for Attendees 

We are studying the Charis Healing University curriculum. What an inspired, powerful study! Broken into 3 sections, each section has 16 video lessons and 2 Q&A sessions, for a total of 48 lessons and 6 Q&A sessions. The first section addresses foundational truths, and brings us to a place of expectation for our healing. Knowing these truths is critical in setting us free. The second section moves us into experiencing our healing. The third section not only empowers us, but also addresses how to minister to others. Throughout the study, we are encouraged, challenged, and guided to look deeply into our own blockages to healing and, armed with the truths we learn, healing often follows as we move through the study. This particular study is already meeting. We have completed section 1 and started section 2 on 12/03/20. Participants so far have all experienced healing and when they pray for others, as is shared in this study, others have received their healing as well. God is SO good! We are meeting by Zoom on Thursdays.